stay home - look at you

There's that scene in the movies, books, and songs where one lover notices and or adores something about the other; a part of them. Something that if they only saw that part they would know, yup that's them, that is my love. I found a scar on my chin the other day; I've never noticed it; I wonder if any of my lovers have?

While staying home I decided to look at.....well; me. Notice me, what do I see? I woke up one morning, sat up on the single mattress in my living room took some photographs of pieces of me. I love to see you, but I can't this year, not the way that I like to see.....SO I thought, maybe you notice you...

If you would like to share a part of you, a piece of you, what you notice...I would love to see.



-camera photograph

-phone camera self portrait

- (polaroid in the mail if you will hehe)

Please make sure YOU have taken the image

Try and keep the back ground free of clutter

Don't think to hard haha Keep it simple

Multiple entries are encouraged

Be inspired by you, not others

These will remain anonymous (except of course your lovers might notice you)

Looking to publish 2021

You can email, text or DM @blondyphotography @11alcatraz @ifiwasntblondy