Tight Lines

I gave Joshua, this west coast living, long curly haired blonde a holler back in early November 2019.

Me: (calls Joshua) " Dude I am coming to Van, wanna adventure after I'm done my workshop"

Joshua:(without hesitation) "Dude, let's go fishing" 

Little did I know that we were going to be accompanied by 6 of his closest friends; an impromptu dudes trip. It was epic, the air was brisk, the water cold, hearts full and know one caught a single thing. The cabin was exactly what anyone could imagine a family owned cabin in the mountains would be; excessive amount of beds, family photographs on the wall, a big ole pile of chopped up wood stocked for the fireplace and of course and darling host who loves company. I was lucky enough to get to know the gentlemen over the weekend, all their amusing quirks, their own intriguing opinions about why the world is the way it is. Despite their uniqueness, they all had somethings in common; can't fish worth shit, appreciation of an ice cold beer, nostalgic musical taste and playful comradery that doesn't seem to get old. Definitely no fish, but here is what I caught.