Edmonton Creative Photographer

Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, usually funny.

Currently residing in Edmonton Alberta, living a random existence. I am slowly transitioning my focus from documenting lovers, capturing corporate culture (portraits, branding, food) to allow space to define how I feel and what I want to say as a human(woman) in my generation with a romanticized surrealistic approach to my projects. While playfully creating these "dear diary" pieces, I try to make my bed every morning, make the perfect cup of joe and try not to spill it before it gets cold. As a complete side note, March 2020, I started collecting photographs from any and all humans. Photographs they took themselves of a piece of them. ANY and all pieces of people are welcome and will all remain anonymous. If you would like to send yours, send an unedited photograph to my email. Check out the blog Pieces of you for submissions. Looking to publish 2021. Lovelove, xxo