Documenting Your Day

Like it or not, people are going to remember at least two things about your wedding - the food and the photography. I can’t do anything about the food, but I can take the stress out of wondering if the lighting is perfect for your first kiss or whether all 38 cousins made it into the family photo. I’ll be there to document your day, capture the details that you have put so much effort in for the past year, and help you remember exactly how you felt on your big day when your celebrating your 10 year anniversary.

Destination Weddings

"Business" travel is one of the many reasons I love my job. From the Rockies to the Caribbean and everywhere in between, I know how to get the most out of the scenery you’ve chosen as the backdrop for your wedding. I love to research - and will have stunning places picked out for your couples portraits showing off the destination of your dreams.

Second Shooters

The hectic mornings of hair spray and youtube videos on how to tie a bow tie should both be caught on camera, two shooters is a necessity on your day.There’s so much happening on the day of your wedding that sometimes it can be more than one person could possibly shoot. That’s why I never shoot alone, second shooters are on my checklist and I choose shooters that take their work as seriously as I do but also know how to have fun doing it.