A Reason to Celebrate


I know that once that big question is popped that ’honey moon’ phase is in full tilt. You and your loved one have decided to start your very own happily ever after.  Engagement sessions are a great way to celebrate, get close to one another,  embrace the connection that  you guys have that shows people exactly why you are meant to be together. 

Are you an adventurous couple and go to the mountains any chance you get? Did you watch a sunset from your roof top on your 3rd date? Do you live in a home that gets messy, has records scattered on the floor, and have Friday night movie nights? Anything that you do as a couple - your lifestyle can make for beautiful  engagement sessions.  Romance is different for everyone, I love nothing more than creating sessions that are unique to your love.  Give your friends family a teaser of the celebration  that they will be seeing first hand on your big day.  Get comfortable being in front of the camera and make those wedding day portraits effortless.