Working With Blondy

I interview/interrogate every one of my clients to understand exactly who they are and how I can provide the best possible photography experience. Whether I’m shooting your wedding or your business, the more I know, the happier you’ll be with the end product.

Information on the Services I Provide:

Weddings Engagements Portraits
House & Home Commercial Boudoir

What to Expect:

You know those perfectly-timed photos that look completely spontaneous? Chances are they’re not. So much of getting the perfect picture is in the planning, which is why I spend a ridiculous amount of time preparing for lighting, weather, props, and a thousand other things so that when it comes to actually capturing that moment of spontaneity, everything is exactly as it should be.

This is where I take the photographs

I do everything in my power to take photos that don’t need to be retouched, but editing is an inevitable and important part of any project. I provide a full range of post-session services, from simple edits like cropping and downsampling to more intensive retouching and design work. I can even Photoshop your annoying Uncle Carl out of your wedding photos.