Hi, I’m Ali

(I’m also Blondy)

The term ’lifestyle photographer’ gets thrown around a lot, to the point that no one really knows what it means anymore. To me, being a lifestyle photographer is two-fold:

  1. I’m going to be myself. I’m serious when need be, but I have a lot of fun doing what I love. I’m passionate, creative, candid and sometimes kooky; I’ll never be accused of not being true to who I am. In my experience, the more comfortable I am > the more comfortable my clients are, and the more comfortable my clients are > the better the photo sessions turn out.
  2. You should be yourself too! I want to document your ’lifestyle’, whatever that may mean to you. Pushing you out of your comfort zone, unless that’s the point (see: Boudoir Photography), usually results in forced pictures, and that’s not good for either of us. I want my subjects to be themselves so I can in turn capture the most natural and raw moments.

Ali the Photographer (Blondy)

The day I decided to make photography my career will always be etched into my memory(Starbucks with my mother downtown Edmonton right before Valentines Day). I decided to create a brand that totally suits who I am and allows people to know me;  even before that first introduction. Now with the experience to complement my passion I have the privilege of working with amazing clients to help tell their stories.

Ali the Person

I strive to live as romantic a life as possible. Lover of love and "all things beautiful".

I’m having a love affair with my job, my morning coffee, and reading my horoscope makes me giddy, touch and connections gives me the feels, moody and bad days are inevitable so I embrace them. You are weird, quirky, beautiful, probably awkward and I want to know how you choose to live your life, why, what, and who do you love, what you wake up and do, what consumes you. I consider myself lucky to work with you in creating a session that you will be happy with.